Skate Sharpening Matters (SSM)

Our machines and parts are made in Sweden here at our factory (with some minor exceptions). We assure you that our products are of high quality and have been thoroughly tested.

It is very important to have skates properly maintained. This is where our expertize will help out. We have a close cooperation with leading skate blade producers, equipment managers and players. Our skate sharpeners and skate riveters are made for the skate sports, where you want to get the most out of your material and thus improve the sport performance. Sport performers around the world, from amateurs to the world elite, have their skates sharpened and riveted on our equipment. Our machines require low maintenance and are made for year after year use. They are easy to use while delivering great performance.

Skate Sharpeners


SSM-2 Pro

Skate Sharpener SSM Profil

Skate sharpening machine TT-3

RSM 4 automatic

Riviters & Accessories

Riveting machine for skates

Copper rivets for skates

Eyelets for skates

Lace hooks for skates

Tool 24 for lace hooks

Tool 26 for Marsblade

Tool set N-21 for riveting

Tool set N-41 for stretching

Tools 1-8

Tools 52-55

Tools N-E for eyelets

Tools N-RE for eyelets


Copper rivets for skates

Diamond dresser D-80

Diamond dresser SD-50

Diamond dresser SD-80

Diamond hone DB-SSM

Distance ring

Eyelets for skates

Grinding wheel S-2/HP70

Grinding wheel S-2/K80

Grinding wheel S-2/ME60

Grinding wheel S-4/ME60

Hand hone B-SSM

Hand hone BB-SSM

Hand hone CB-SSM

Lace hooks for skates

Sharpening wax

Tube rivets for skates

Grinding wheel S-2/60