Tool 26 for Marsblade

Tool 26 is used to attach Marsblades (or roller blades) on skates.
Tool set N-21 is also required.


Attach tube rivets on Marsblade or inline skates

Put tool number 2 into the hole of the hook 12 and fasten it with the nut that is included. Loosen the Allen screw in the tool holder 11 and fasten tool number 26. Put in the tube rivet with its head outside the skate. The rivet should then protrude about 5 mm on the inside.
Position the skate above the hook 12 so that you can feel the tip of tool number 2 against the hole of the rivet. Lower the tool holder 11 so that tool number 26 reaches the rivet head. (Move the skate sideways and up and down. The rivet should be held in place by the tools.) Press firmly and the riveting is done.