Skate sharpener SSM PROFIL

Skate sharpening machine specialized in making blade profiles.

The biggest difference compared to other machines is the vertical grinding wheel.
This leads to many benefits when contouring, e.g.:
– Higher precision
– Much faster and efficient grinding
– Less heat generation

This machine uses contour templates when making shapes.
Four templates of your choice are included (from our assortment).


By using a vertical grinding wheel you will get a very small contact surface between skate blade and grinding wheel. This leads to faster removal of material (you will be able to profile a skate in 1-5 minutes). The heat development that occurs during grinding will also be reduced. A vertical grinding wheel will guarantee an exact transfer of the contour template to the skate. A horizontal grinding wheel will not give as good results.

SSM PROFIL has a fine adjusting device that will help you align the skate blade perfectly after the template. This is important if you want to achieve a perfect result. With this system you can also restore pitched skate blades.

In 2020, we introduced a new system to mark the skate blade and position the contour template. With this system it is possible to move the contour template sideways. This makes it possible to move the highest point (pivot) under the skate blade exactly (to achieve a pitch).

If you purchase a Blade Replicator, you can copy the shape from one skate blade directly to another by mounting it in SSM PROFIL as a template (if an optimal shape has been found).

Length: 110 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 35 cm
Weight: 34.7 kg (76.5 lbs)

Effect: 250 W
Frequency: AC (1-phase) 50-60 Hz
Voltage: 220-240 V (or 110-120 V)
Rev/min (max): 2800-3400 RPM
Sound level: 94 dB

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