Tool set N-41 for stretching

Tool set for riveting machine NM-11.
Used to stretch skates or shoes.


Stretch skates, skate boots or shoes

Shoes containing liquid or air can be destroyed if they are exposed to heat or pressure!
Check with the manufacturer of the shoe if the shoe contains liquid or air.

Place the lock ring 55 around the tool holder 11 and fasten it lightly.
Put the tool 54 in the tool holder 11 and fasten it with the Allen screw.
Put tool 52 or 53 into the hole of hook 12.
– For a small area of the stretching, use tool 52 against tool 54.
– For a oval area of the stretching (e.g. heel tendon), use tool 53 against tool 54.
Heat the area to be stretched with a hot-air pistol.
Place the area to be stretched over tool 52 or 53.
Press tool 54 against the area to be stretched.
Release the lock ring 55, move it upwards on the tool holder 11 and lock it in the top position.

The stretching is complete when the stretched area has cooled down.