Skate sharpening machine TT-3

Skate sharpener SSM TT-3 is really easy to use.
It is intended to do the finishing sharpening (hollowness) on skates.

– Gives a superb grinding result
– Provides fast grinding
– Gives a smooth surface finish


This skate sharpening machine was released in 2017 and has become popular around the world. The 2nd generation (with improved drive and collection of dust), began delivery during 2019. Our idea when making this machine, was that it would be easiest and fastest to use of all the models out there. Its predecessor was SSM T26, a machine that only sharpened figure skates.

This machine has an efficient system for centering the sharpening underneath the skate blade very accurately. We got the idea when we designed the SRK PRO for SSM-2. You just have to measure the skate blade width and turn a scale to that measurement to get centering. This device has an incredible precision!

The design with two tables moving on top of shafts (using ball bearings) gives a simply amazing feeling. No friction to talk about whatsoever! Just like the SSM-2 this machine will sharpen a skate in under a minute! SSM TT-3 will manage almost every skate on the market today (except tour skates and certain figure skate blades).

Length: 74 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 39 cm
Weight: 32 kg (70.5 lbs)

Effect: 250 W
Frequency: AC (1-phase) 50-60 Hz
Voltage: 220-240 V (or 110-120 V)
Rev/min (max): 2800-3400 RPM
Sound level: 93 dB

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