Grinding wheel S-2/ME60

Grinding wheel for all types of steel that contain ceramic grit!
Successful grit mixture, makes it very effective on skate blades.

Our general purpose wheel gives an aggressive cut but still a nice surface finish.
Popular among clubs (with children), stores & ice rinks!


Get the best sharpening result

Skate steel varies in quality and type. Therefore it is important to use a suitable grinding wheel. Our products have been thoroughly tested to keep up with todays standards. The grinding wheels are made within a specific balance and its sides are finished.

A high number in grit size implies that the grits are smaller in size. A large grit size number will give better surface smootheness, while a smaller number gives better speed of abrasion.

Ceramic grit

The ceramic grit particles keep their sharpness better, last longer and cause less heat to be generated, but cost more. As time progress, new edges are created within the grit, increasing its performance compared to conventional sharpening grit.

With average usage, this grinding wheel is sufficient for 200-300 pairs of skates.