Sharpening wax

Apply a sharpening wax before the final sharpening.
– Improves the surface finish.
– Gives a cooler sharpening process.


Using lubricating oils or wax

Oil can be applied onto the skate blade before the final sharpening. An oil binds the generated dust onto the grinding wheel. This has the effect that the grinding wheel gives a polishing effect on the skate blade. A disadvantage is that the sharpening machine gets dirty and sticky. Also, the grinding wheel must be dressed more often (because of the risk of over-heating when grinding).

When grinding, soft metal particles can get sticked into the grinding wheel (rest austenit). Then the grinding wheel must be dressed. A wax applied to the grinding wheel or the skate blade diminishes the accumulation of soft metal in the grinding wheel. It is then not necessary to dress the grinding wheel as often. It also provides a polishing effect on the skate blade.

We sell a grinding wax from Accu-Lube which is great for this purpose. Apply a thin layer on the bottom of the blade before the final sharpening; this provides an improved surface finish and a cooler sharpening process.