Riveting machine for skates

“NM-11 is one of the most popular skate riveters in the world”.
Can also be used for boots, ski boots, inline skates or prosthetics.

Included with the NM-11 are tools sets N-21 and N-E.


The first version of NM-11 was released back in the seventies by the Swedish company SSM Produkt AB. Several thousands are by now used worldwide. A riveting machine is always a good investment. With it you can replace the plastic holder of the skate blade (or just replace damaged rivets). The plastic holder can get broken, or it might just need to be straightened (if the skate blade is bent). It might also be that you want to replace it with a different size (serious athletes). All of this instead of having to buy a new pair of skates.

The body of the NM-11 is made in a way that it is really tough and stable. It will basically last forever if maintained correctly. The latest design of the NM-11 makes it easier to transport, weighing only 15 kg (33 lbs).

This machine will provide a force 23 times your own force when pressing down. It is easy to switch tools in the machine to perform requested duties. Included with the machine are tools to attach/remove tube rivets, attach copper rivets and attach eyelets.

Length: 30 cm
Width: 21.5 cm
Height: 49.5 cm
Weight: 15.3 kg (33.7 lbs)

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