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Our cute Fun Skate Polar Bears are here to help encourage older children on to the ice and try out ice skating. Many of our customers claim that the polar bears give children the confidence to venture out on the open ice and start skating in free space rather than hanging onto the rink barrier and shuffling around the rink perimeter. Certainly, the polar bears seem to add to the fun and are always in great demand. Most of our customers make a small charge for the “hire” of their snowmen to their skaters and the popularity of these appealing characters means they pay for themselves very quickly. They are designed for taller / older children than our Fun Polar Bears.

  • Enhanced Stability: Designed to keep your child steady on the ice, Skate Mates provides the perfect balance of support and freedom.

  • Builds Confidence: Perfect for kids! Skate Mates helps them glide with ease, turning hesitant steps into confident strides.

  • Ease of Use: Simple, intuitive, and ready to go right out of the box. Skate Mates is designed for the smallest hands and the biggest dreams.

  • Stackable Design: Say goodbye to clutter! Olympia’s smart, space-saving design means more room in your home and less hassle in your life.

  • Choose Your Colour: From vibrant reds to cool blues, there’s an Skate Mates for every personality. Let your child pick their favourite and skate in style!

  • Every child deserves the joy of skating. With Skate Mates, they’ll be zipping around the ice like a pro in no time!

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