Olympia Battery Edger

With sealed lead acid gel-filled batteries, eight carbide tipped blades and level controls at your finger tips the OLYMPIA Battery Edger delivers the finest, pollution free finish in the industry. Powered by a 9 hp motor, the OLYMPIA Battery Edger is totally nonpolluting, environmentally friendly and provides more than 40 minutes of high performance edging between charging.


  • Ease of use and safety are hallmarks of all OLYMPIA products including the OLYMPIA Battery Edger. The blade level controls are at your fingers. The eight carbide-tipped blades provide the finest edging finish in the industry. Combined with the sealed lead acid gel-filled battery array and the custom removable blade holder and auto-set blade kit, the OLYMPIA Battery Edger ensures ease of maintenance and top performance.Recharging is as simple as plugging the OLYMPIA Battery Edger into the Smart Charger system which automatically drains the battery of residual power and then recharges the battery to the maximum. This prevents the batteries from acquiring performance reducing memory. Once charged the OLYMPIA Battery Edger provides more than 40 minutes of high performance edging.Changing the blades on the OLYMPIA Battery Edger is a simple matter of tilting the edger on its side. Removing the four bolts on the blade plate, setting the blade holder in the changer mount and unbolting the carbide tipped blades. The customized blade placement tool ensures the proper placement of the blades.

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