Summer Refresh for Edinburgh Curling Centre

Whilst the warm weather was with us during the summer, Edinburgh Curling Centre decided it was an appropriate time to carry out a refurbishment of the curling centre.

Working once again with the main contractor Star Refrigeration, who were selected to install a brand new ice pad, Marshalls International supplied a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bump protection system that was fitted around the edge of the ice pad.

Marshalls worked with the curling centre for the supply of a Jet Ice water treatment system. Water quality is of a good standard but with the possibility of some contaminants in the water that could cause inconsistency with curl and rock speed, the rink decided to put in place a Jet Ice Duplex Mixed Bed DI Rack with carbon filter pre-treatment to help remove any remaining organics or chlorine. The setup came with quick replacement filter cartridges to add to the ease of use and ensure the rink gives the curlers the best quality sheet possible.

Along with the water treatment system, Marshalls provided Jet Ice paints that were used to add the finishing touches to the ice pad, while rubber bump protection was installed to protect any loose stones that venture towards the end of the sheet.

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