Grinding Wheels

Skate steel varies in quality and type. Therefore it is important to use a really good grinding wheel together with a good diamond dresser. In general, a finer grinding wheel will give a more shiny result, and a coarser grinding wheel will work faster and be more effective.


– Excellent surface finish
– Optimal profile retention
– Increased wheel life
– Quite aggressive cut


– Aggressive cut
– Excellent profile retention
– Increased wheel life
– Cooler grinding


– Masterly surface finish
– Excellent profile retention
– Increased wheel life
– Cooler grinding


– Aggressive cut
– Nice surface finish
– Cost efficient model
– Mainly for carbon steel

Diamond Dressers

When sharpening, successive wear of the grinding wheel will cause it to become dull. To get is sharp, it needs to be dressed with a diamond. The way to do this is by having a diamond edge move over the surface of the rotating grinding wheel. Then new sharpening grit gets exposed.


– Diamond dresser
– Natural diamond
– High quality


– Diamond dresser
– Synthetic diamond rod
– Constant sharpness


– Diamond dresser
– Shorter version of SD-80
– Only for flat surface device

Hand Hones

When a skate has been sharpened to get sharp edges underneath, burrs will arise on each side of the skate blade. Use a hone to remove them by pulling it along the sides. Then you will have perfect sharpness!


– Hand hone
– Fine grit
– Silicon carbide


– Hand hone
– Wider version of B-SSM
– Silicon carbide


– Hand hone
– Aluminum oxide
– Two sides: Fine/Coarse


– Diamond hone
– Extreme sharpeness
– Precision tool


Use our equipment to improve your sharpening!


– Blade edge checker
– Check the sharpening
– Very helpful
– Very strong magnetics


– For SSM-2
– Blade support device PRO
– Exact blade width scale
– Center the hollow perfectly


– Transport case for SSM-2
– Make your SSM-2 portable
– Durable to thrusts
– 430x340x350 mm


– Blade straightener
– Straighten bent blades
– Very strong
– Use carefully!


– Hollowness controller
– RM1: 7.5-15 mm
– RM2: 15.5-25 mm
– RM3: 1-7 mm

SSM-2 Skate Holders

There are a number of different skate holders that can be used on your SSM-2 or SSM-2 PRO. Our universal holders are able to grip most skates with skate blade thickness 1.5-4.2 mm. Some skate models are designed in a way that requires you to use special skate holders.

H-10 Universal

– Latest universal holder
– Most popular
– Strong grip
– Low weight


– The classic holder
– Very strong grip
– Very low weight
“Can’t grip very small skates”

H-7 Goalie

– Goalie skate holder
– Strong grip
– Very low weight

H-8 Universal

– Previous universal holder
– Super strong grip
– Die cast aluminium
“Can’t grip touring skates”

H-10 P Figure

– Figure skate holder
– For parabolic, tapered,
side-honed, revolution…
“Can’t grip Matrix/Paramount”

H-10 S Figure

– Figure skate holder
– Grip the stanchions
– Will do all figure skates,
except non-parallel blades