Olympia Millennium H Demonstrations

During June, Marshalls International took the new Olympia Millennium Hydrostat (H) Ice Resurfacer out on the road for a couple of demonstration in the UK.

Wanting to showcase the latest machine to be manufactured in Canada by Resurfice, Marshalls decided to hold the demonstrations in a North Wales at Deeside Ice Rink and then moved it all on to Scotland where Murrayfield Ice Rink played host.

Both demonstrations achieved excellent turnout with people attending from rinks across the UK, all getting the chance to speak to the Marshalls team who talked everyone through the key specifications of the new machine and even gave the attendees the chance to take the “H” out on to the ice.


Across both of the demonstrations the Marshalls team received great feedback from all who saw and tried out the machine, commenting on the new hydrostatic drive system and how the 4 independent wheel motors make it drive and handle on the ice perfectly without it sliding around.

Pictures from the demonstrations of the machine can be found at the following – Deeside Demo and  Murrayfield Demo

If you were unable to attend either of the demonstrations but would like to know more about the Olympia Millennium H then please either Click Here or contact the Marshalls team on the details below.

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