Olympia IceBear

Designed with ease of operation in mind, the OLYMPIA ICEBEAR electric´s simplified operational controls are conveniently located within reach, allowing the operator to make precise blade adjustments during the cut.

The OLYMPIA ICEBEAR Electric with its stainless steel construction has a 3.3 m³ snow bin capacity and an open-bin height of only 2.64 m ideal in low ceiling applications, requiring as little as 0.61 m front opening clearance.


• AC Drive Motors on all 4 Wheels
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Aluminium Alloy Wheels
• Suspension Safety Seat
• Two colour paint (Silver and Blue)
• Proven Battery Technology
• Board Brush
• Automatic Snow Breaker
• Automatic Towel Lift
• 6,35 cm Offset Conditioner
• Replacable Conditioner Runners
• Front and Rear Guide Wheels
• Full Instrumentation
• Lighting Package Head lights & Bin Lights
• Parking Brake
• Front Dump with wash
• Vertical Auger Elevator System
• 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disk Brakes
• Adjustable Traction Control
• Power Steering

Laser System

The laser system allows for automatic blade adjustment with full control via the controller integrated into the driver’s cab.

The optimum thickness of ice obtained in this manner leads to a significant reduction of energy costs with an almost 100% level ice surface.

Driver’s Cab

• The cabin is made of anodised aluminium profiles.
• All windows are made of tempered safety glass.
• Blank sections are filled with machine-coloured, painted aluminium plates.
• Front and rear wipers and integrated cab heating are standard.
• Option available for machines for outdoor use.


In confined spaces or passages used by the public, it is useful to monitor any blind spots with cameras. Keep track of things optimally with up to four cameras.

Automatic Edger

With the edger mounted on the conditioner, you can resurface your ice right up to the edges while driving. Hydraulic positioning ensures simple and comfortable operation from the driver’s cab. The edger is accurately guided on the edges with the spring-loaded swivel system.

Fluting Harrow

For curling a constant roughened ice surface is made by the fluting harrow over the whole conditioner width. The fluting harrow is simply mounted on the conditioner and immediately ready for use. The distance between the blades is 10 mm and the groove depth is continuously adjustable.

Special Painting


Standard-300x225 White-300x225

Practically any colour variation is possible upon request:

Black-300x225 Grey-300x225
Blue-300x225 Red-300x225