Jet Ice End to End and Full House

The benefits of end-to-end and full house are:

  •  Accurate houses each and every time
  •  Full colour, full length liner
  •   Simple and easy to install
  •   Minimal prep time
  •   No paint required
  •   Custom logos and word mark imprinting
  •   Precision printing means exact reproductions
  •   True white surface
  •   Environmentally friendly
  •   No messy clean up
  •   Reusable

When it comes to showcasing world class curling events or installing club ice, the professionals turn to Jet Ice. Once again, Jet Ice has developed new products to assist the Ice Technicians and we are proud to introduce end-to-end and full house. These effective products will assist you in making your club ice the best it can be.

End to End


Jet Ice now offers a one-piece, customized, full colour digitally printed, regulation size curling surface that is perfect for the do-it- yourself installer. Simply lay down end-to-end full length rink liner, add water, freeze, and you’re ready to go. It’s quick, accurate and reusable. Eliminate the time consuming and technically challenging task of painting and accurately applying all game markings that is normally associated with a curling rink installation.

Full House


Tired of routering your ice to make perfect circles? Having trouble finding volunteers capable of painting your facility’s houses? Try Full House by Jet Ice, the one piece digitally printed house solution. Simply lay your full house on the sheet, centre the house using the 1⁄2″ hole (at centre) over the marking pin, hold the full house in position and flood. It’s that easy. Customize your houses with sponsor names and club names. The Jet Ice Full House ensures a pristine ice surface presentation every time.