Jet Ice Curling Water Treatment

When you want to provide the best sheet of curling ice possible, choose Jet Ice water treatment systems to ensure consistent ice from end-to-end.

Jet Ice water systems are affordable, even for the smallest clubs, and can be customized to meet the dynamics of your specific requirements.

Rental Systems

Our standard Curling Rental System includes:
Resin exchange tanks, water meter, hoses, shut-off valves. Our portable rental system is easily connected to your incoming water supply.

Systems can be customized to:
• Increase capacity where water quality is particularly hard, utilizing a double tank system.

• Increase capacity by removing high levels of specific contaminants such as calcium or carbonates.

• Include carbon block filters to ensure the removal of excess chlorine and organics.


If your facility wants a permanent solution to hard water then call Jet Ice to discuss the Pro Ice state-of-the-art reverse osmosis system for your club.

Packages consist of a single or double membrane system with 200 to 400 gallons of storage, to suit demand and available space. Tank configurations are varied to accommodate space and access restrictions.

The Pro Ice system is an effective fixed asset that will provide consistent high-quality water for many years to come.