Jet Ice Curling Ice Paint

We manufacture a premium line of quality ice paints specifically designed and carefully formulated for reliable use in the ice making industry. We strive to offer the best ice paint over all and have been doing so for over 30 years.

Jet Ice, leaders in ice making, has worked directly with ice makers to develop formulation improvements to Super White 3000 to achieve the brightest white with the most hiding power of any white paint available. With Jet Ice Super White 3000, base coats aren’t required! Application is easy, smooth and coverage is second to none.

We recommend 4 boxes of our white ice paint, 5 containers of blue ice paint and 3 containers of red ice paint to complete a 4 sheet curling club.

One 250m spool of 1/2″ ribbon is required to install the centre line, t-line and back line on one sheet of curling ice.

Black Light Paint

This unique product glows in the dark, providing dramatic effects when activated by black lights. Pigmentation remains sharp and crisp under normal lighting.