Jet Ice Accessories

Paint Stick

Looking to speed up your ice paint application process?

The Jet Ice Paint Stick is designed to allow one technician to accurately apply lines and circles on the ice surface. The Paint Stick design is light-weight, offers the flexibility to adjust the liquid paint flow and, best of all, allows the technician to stand upright during the application process.

Ice Marking and Template Kit

This product contains tools required for assistance in painting the hockey markings on your ice surface.

Standard Package is available for rental or purchase.

Spray Paint Applicator

For sealing and building your ice surface.

250′ of Rubber Hose

Available with manual wind hose reel/sealing nozzle.

Back Pack Sprayer

For whiting out markings on existing ice surface and sealing in logos.

Jet Gloss

This liquid surfactant is added to the ice resurfacing water for the last flood of the day. Designed to remove air trapped in the ice phase, this ice dressing provides a brighter, glossier ice surface.

Floor Cleaner

This product offers an efficient method of removing petrolium based products from concrete floors.