Marshall’s offer the full package of ice rink barriers design, supply and installation. Our range of barrier products covers permanent systems for indoor and outdoor rinks, leisure rinks, hockey rinks and demountable systems for multi-purpose arenas. We have experienced installation crews and can carry out installation work overseas as well as at home.

Refurbishment / Repair

We can supply replacement materials such as plastic, clear plastic shields, toughened glass shields, glass supports, gate hardware, replacement sections. In addition we can carry out refurbishment on site from replacement of a few damaged sheets of plastic to a complete strip-down and replacement of all major removable components.

The majority of work can usually be done without having to close the rink and lose revenue.

Hockey Alterations

A lot of the work Marshall’s carry out is alterations for hockey use or upgrades of hockey systems.

We can retro-fit glass shield systems, install player and penalty boxes, fit additional player gates etc.

Glass Handling Safety Course

The course is made up of an introduction and safety meeting, followed by a practical demonstration, and then followed by each person attending the course removing and then re-fitting a sheet of safety glass. This will then be followed by a summary of the course and questions and answers session.

All those that attend will be issued with support documentation on the handling and care of the safety glass, and will receive a letter of confirmation of attendance of the course.

Any member of staff attending the course must be reasonably fit and of good health. Steel toe capped safety boots must also be worn.

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