Dupliskate EII

Dupliskate DSS-EII

Electronic Skate Sharpening Machine

Dupliskate DSS-EII electronic skate sharpener ensures consistent sharpenings and even edges due to its vibration free features.

Dupliskate DSS-EII Features:

  • Control panel provides automatic setting of number of passes and speed in both directions
  • Auto-pass control powers the motor arm along the skate blade
  • The diamond arm assembly automation guarantees efficient changing of hollow grinds in less than 3 seconds
  • Super speed clamp with built-in high edge control minimizes the potential for human error
  • Consistent quality sharpening of up to 25 pairs of skates per hour
  • Profiling and rockering included

The DC3 Dust Control System (Optional Add-On)

  • Features a 760 CFM vacuum blower to ensure that the operator does not come into contact with dust and debris
  • Low noise level
  • Vibration free
  • Only 30” x 40” of floor space
  • Dust catcher for dust confinement and gathering
  • Accessory tray for skates, stones, etc.


Weight: 100 lbs

Dimensions: 28” x 19”x 26”

Electrical requirements: 110v