Telford Ice Rink Gets New Ice

Marshalls International was selected by Telford Ice Rink to come in and give the rink a new lease of life by painting the ice and putting down a new set of logos.

The job itself included assisting the rink staff with the removal of the existing ice that had been down for a few years, followed by ensuring the floor was clean prior to some additional barrier work was carried out. Following this, Marshalls and the rink staff was given access to the rink to begin the process of building up the ice to a level where painting could begin.

The paint used was supplied by Marshalls and came from the market leader in this area – Jet Ice. Marshalls International are the distributor for these paints for a number of regions in Europe and supply it to many rinks around the UK and further afield.

The Jet Ice White 3000 paint was first put down and sealed in before marking out and painting of the hockey lines to the required standards was done. Once completed and sealed, the new logos could be added.

High resolution images were gathered and the final logos were printed and once again supplied by Jet Ice. The logos themselves were the Easy-In Textile logos because these offer greater colour vibrancy, are durable and reusable.

First down was the Telford Ice Rinks logo which was set in to the centre of the rink. As well as the rink, the local ice hockey team, The Telford Tigers, had their own logos made up and put in to the ice along with some of their main sponsors.

The whole process of the job was documented and can be pictures can be seen here – (if you have any issues with the link, copy and paste this in to your browser window)

The Telford Ice Rink team has now completed the process of building up the ice and the rink is now back open for the public to enjoy skating in Telford once again.

If you have any questions at all regarding this job or would like further information regarding the Jet Ice paints used, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at Marshalls.

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