Olympia Hydraulic Edger

The Olympia Hydraulic Edger, the world’s first fully functional hydraulic powered ice surface edger, provides the maximum in efficiency and safety.

Mounted on the back of the ice conditioner the hydraulic edger provides a precise, level cut.

The operator, using a security key access system from the driver’s position, controls the Olympia hydraulic edger. Once the safety shield is removed the edger is hydraulically lowered to the ice.

The hydraulic system provides constant down and side pressure, ensuring a clean, smooth cut, right up to the rink boards.

Both the cutting depth and cutting angle are preset and adjustable.

A micro safety-switch on the edger automatically stops the blades when the edger is raised off the ice surface.

Designed to operate with the minimum of effort, and the maximum of efficiency, the Olympia Hydraulic Edger can be retrofitted onto all existing Olympia ice resurfacers.