New Raita Ice Rink Barrier system for East Kilbride Ice Rink, Scotland

At the end of 2016, Marshalls International Ltd completed the installation of a new ice rink barrier system in East Kilbride Ice Rink, Scotland. The job was far from easy due to the fact that the rink is located in an area called The Hub down on the bottom level inside the East Kilbride Shopping Centre.

A project of this scale isn’t easy anyway, but this one was made slightly more difficult because it had to be completed during the refurbishment of the whole Shopping Centre.

The most important part of this project was the design phase. Working closely with the leading European manufacturer of dasher boards, Raita Sports, a plan was put together to come up with a
barrier system that suited the rink and shopping centre. This was a crucial part of the whole project because a large proportion of the barriers had to be installed freestanding due to the constraints of fixings to the floor and the areas surrounding the rink.

Once the design had been agreed, Marshalls carried out the removal of the existing barriers from around the rink. The new barrier system was delivered directly to the site and the complicated job of installing the new system was completed by both Marshalls and Raita in the agreed timescale.

As part of the project, the local ice rink team used a Jet Ice Paint System and paints supplied by Marshalls to paint the rink ice white and put down full length curling lanes and ends.

With the rink up and running, the local team are also making sure the ice is in its best condition with the use of their Olympia Millennium Ice Resurfacer which the rink have been using for a number of years now, but was supplied and is maintained by Marshalls.

With a newly refurbished ice rink and shopping centre open to the public, people are coming to the rink to enjoy the ice once more with some curling and skating sessions.


5. Barrier Removal 2

Removal of old barriers from the rink

4. Barrier Removal 1

Removal of old barriers from the rink

NewBarrier 6. Curlers 3. New Barriers 2 2. New Barriers 1

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